In reality, web pages are not difficult to put together, and thatís why so many bad websites exist. Think for a minute if you could design and build an automobile after reading a book for a day or two. Everybody would be building cars for themselves and thinking they build autos for a living. You know quality would be poor, and just imaging what would happen in an accident if cars did not have the careful design and engineering that goes into every make and model.

This is kind of an out there example but the point we want to make is that there is a lot more to a effective website than just ďgetting the information upĒ. E Chiro Solutions would like the opportunity to create and host a professional web presence for your practice.

If you would like so view an example of one of our sites created for chiropractors, please click here

1. Clip art! Three words, Bad Bad Bad. This is the first thing people do to web pages if they donít really know what their doing. I know I say this a lot but please remember the image your showing, is it a professional educated message, will somebody trust their health to something as simple as elementary looking clip art?

2. Do not place text over fixed images, when people need to scroll the page down it is not easy for people to read.

3. Over use of animations is a cardinal sin for web sites. Try to find one professionally designed web sight that uses non-custom designed animations if they have any animations at all.

4. Slow loading times, a problem that can arise before somebody sees anything, how is the loading time. Every page needs to be able to load quickly and on all types of browsers.

5. Stagnant pages that never change. Give your current patients a reason to keep current with your site. Itís a fantastic way to communicate.

6. Donít have pages that are longer than a maximum of three lengths of an average screen. Itís better to split pages up that to ask someone to scroll forever.

7. Never use free or discounted web space at the price that you have other companies banner ads on your site. You have no control over the content thatís in that banner.

8. Donít use dark colors. Your not a art gallery, your in the health industry, be sure your colors reflect that as well.

9. Personalize your website right from your home page. Some people will never make it past this spot; you want to have some type of personal message here for prospective patients.

10. Be careful of your quotes, I have seen to many quotes talk about hobbies, trying to get on American Idol (yes this is true) but not any mention about why they believe in chiropractic care or why they even chose to become a chiropractor!


How is a web presence beneficial to your practice?

Unfortunately Chiropractors do not have the simplicity of gaining new customers the way many business do. Take a tanning salon for example. All they really need to do is let people know in their community who they are, where their located and maybe the cost of using there service. A potential customer to them knows if they want to visit a tanning salon or not and as long as a few factors such as location, appearance, and price are right. Ta-Da, a new customer for that salon.

You already know if it were that easy to let people know about your services and how chiropractic care can change peopleís lives, you might not have time for new patients. We want to make sure that We donít give the impression that having a fresh, content rich website is the end all answers to getting new patients. What we're going to show you is a example of how a good website can be a powerful help to you clinic.

Print advertising is one of the most common and affordable means to reach new local residents in your immediate area, therefore our real life example comes from couple of ad's found in a community newsletter. Here are two adís that were featured on the same page of a community newsletter.


Click on photo for larger view

We want you to first imagine that you own a home in this community and you have been thinking about finishing off your basement for say the past 6 months. The ad for Princeton Construction answers a couple if important questions:

1. This company does indeed offer the service your looking for, Finished basements.
2. They have plenty of experience.
3. They obviously take pride in their work.
4. They want you to learn more in the privacy of your home, when you have time, without having to call or go talk to anyone.


Click on photo for larger view

Now, we want you to imaging that your back has been giving you fits for the past 6 months. Does the ad for this unnamed Chiropractic Health Center address your issue, or any health related issueÖ. I wonder just how much good other than having people in this community read their name do?

People in general do not understand chiropractic care. When you have an opportunity to introduce people to your practice, people WILL have questions, but more and more people are not willing to call to get answers, and almost nobody wants to make a visit in person. This is where a high quality, professional website can be a tremendous asset. You have unlimited amounts of space and time to educate and answer questions that people have. The drawback is people WILL judge your practice by what they see on line. Itís not enough just the have lotís of information about chiropractor care and specifically what the focus of your practice is, office location etc. Web sites are visual, and people draw conclusions based on the impression you site gives.

1. Is it professional?
2. Is it clean or is it cluttered?
3. Will people who have doubted chiropractors in the past have an improved outlook at the thought of chiropractic care?

4. Will people feel like they know a little about you and why you chose to become a chiropractor?
5. Will people look at your practice with the same respect they would give a medical doctor?
6. Most important, does it convey the feeling that someone is going to entrust their health and specifically the improvement of their health to you?

These are some of the most important things to consider with a web site; the facts about your location, office hours, and phone number are not the priority of a web site. Yes of course you want and need them in a site, but just having them does not answer the 6 questions listed above.

Going back to the ads, itís just not feasible to answer all of the questions or concerns that people might have when considering chiropractic care. It doesn't matter if you use print, radio, TV, direct mail, or any other form of advertising. Itís not cost effective to place all the information that you can have on a website, put in any other form of advertising.

Letís look one more real life situation, the most effective way that people get introduced to chiropractic care. Word of mouth.

I've been using chiropractic care for over 15 years now, but I still canít tell people much other than it works for me, why, I'm not the doctor, nor have I had the years of schooling that one has to go through to become one. After more than 15 years I still can not clearly and concisely answers peoples questions other than to say ďIt WorksĒ Imagine your best patients being proud to tell their friends and family that they can visit their chiropractors web site to learn how and why chiropractic care works for them.

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