It's easy to sign up with E Chiro Solutions; there are just a few simple steps.

1. Visit our "Packages" page and review our two packages that we offer. Select the Sign Up/More Info button of the package you feel suites your practice.

2. Fill out the form on the page that opens after you select the Sign Up/More Info Button.

3. E Chiro Solutions will send you a detailed information and questionnaire packet outlining what we need from you. This is sent both via e-mail as well as regular mail.

4. Fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible. Please be detailed in all your answers.

5. Select the billing method that you would like, and fill out the billing format form.

6. Sign the last page of the questionnaire and fax or mail it back to us.

That's it! We then get to work on your site, and generally we'll have it complete within four weeks. You can go to the "Packages" page by clicking here to sing up or request more information with no obligation.

E Chiro Solutions is currently offering a $200.00 discount with all 2-year contracts. With this discount, your up front cost is less than a $100.00!

You can apply this discount to the design fee of either the "Standard Solution" or the "Complete Solution".

To get started, or if you would like more information, please visit our "packages" page by clicking here.

At E Chiro Solutions, we ask you to select one of our general layouts that we have created. All of our designs have been created with the goal of having a health care look and feel.

Once you have chosen a design, we will get to work in customizing it with your information and photos. This is how we can offer a custom web site at a fraction of the cost normally associated with web design. Please note that the following images are a screen shot of the “Home Page” of a web site. The “interior pages” will look very similar but might feature a slightly different layout to accommodate your content.

If you are interested in knowing more on why this is our approach to web design please visit the "About Us" page by clicking here.


Web Design "A"

Design Description:
This is an excellent choice if you are just looking for the basics, but in a crisp up-to-date look. It will put all your main links right in front of the web viewer, making it very easy for your patients to find what there looking for. This design also features a separate text area to he right hand side of the home page, making it very easy to break up your information in a readable format.

 Click Here for a large view of Design "A"


If you would like to view a example site utilizing this web design, you can do so by clicking here. (Site will open in new window.)


Web design "B"

Design Description:
This is a fairly straightforward design that breaks from some of the standard formats, while still being very functional. Main content goes on the left while you have two separate boxes on each page for great flexibility in posting information.

Click Here for a large view of Design "B"

If you would like to view a example site utilizing this web design, you can do so by clicking here. (Site will open in new window.)


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