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About Pleasantville Chiro Center

"Our clinic remains dedicated to educate and treat patients to achieve optimum health and wellness through chiropractic, exercise and nutrition. For over 13 years we continue to serve to the best of our ability with only your health and well being in mind." - Dr. Andrew Anderson

Since 1989, we have worked with thousands of people some with injuries, some with chronic health problems, some with no outward symptoms but with a desire to live an active and healthy life. Whatever brings you to our practice; you can be sure that our physicians, instructors, therapists and office staff will treat you with professionalism, respect, and caring. Ultimately, the goal of our treatment sessions is to resolve the cause of your discomfort, not just relieve your symptoms.

 Our mission is to facilitate healing in a caring and friendly environment. We utilize a common sense approach in arriving at your diagnosis, educating you about your condition, and providing you with practical advice and customized care. We emphasize exercise and self-treatment to speed recovery and prevent relapse.

What Takes Place On Your First Visit

  During your initial visit, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination and history. Taking a look into your lifestyle, the doctor will assess your diet, exercise, employment, daily habits, past injuries, and symptoms to design a treatment plan best suited for your individual needs. In some instances, x-rays or other diagnostic tests may be required, but not always. Each patient has a different reason for coming to see us, and it is our goal to not only resolve your immediate symptoms but resolve that condition and ensure a sense of well-being.

  Treatment on the First visit will depend upon the specifics of your condition. Most often treatment will include therapeutic procedures to help make you feel more comfortable, often including spinal manipulation. The doctor will also give self-treatment advice, which may include exercises, nutritional supplements, and the application of ice or heat.

  Your Report Findings
  After your First visit, you and the doctor will discuss your individualized written treatment plan. This explanation will serve as your "map" along your "road to recovery." The discussion will include short- and long-term goal planning, and answers to the following four questions:
  1. What's wrong?
  2. How can we treat it?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How much will it cost?
Various treatment options will be explained, as well as a recommended course of care. The doctor will also explain the "Three Types of Care" and will assist you in choosing which type of care is right for you.


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